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    Birthday gift soon!!!
    Christian louboutin
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    $ 495.00

    Not usually a CL men’s fan, but these are awesome

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    I need a good umbrella

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  5. "

    1. Send thank you notes

    2. Practice good posture

    3. Speak more softly

    4. Listen without interrupting

    5. Wear solid colours

    6. Ignore fads, or use them sparingly

    7. Have a signature wine that you serve at home

    8. Wear only 2-3 accessories

    9. Have impeccable manners

    10. Read on a variety of topics

    11. Maintain a budget

    12. Study the arts

    13. Have one signature perfume/cologne

    14. Show restraint in expressing anger

    15. Learn the art of conversation

    16. Learn French

    17. Wear a trench coat

    18. Learn how to wear a scarf

    19. Wear a tuxedo, when one is called for

    20. Practice quality over quantity

    21. Don’t yell or scream

    22. Learn to dance the waltz

    23. Have one fabulous signature meal you serve guests

    24. Remember birthdays

    25. Go on picnics

    26. Wear dresses/suits more often, and on dates

    27. Simplify your life, your home and your calendar

    28. Wear pearls

    29. Men, Open the door for ladies

    30. Ladies, et him open the door for you

    31. Remember that it’s more important to be kind than it is to be right

    32. Serve coffee or tea after meals

    33. Arrive exactly on time

    34. Don’t complain

    35. Dress to travel

    36. Be well travelled

    37. If you’re a woman, don’t wear black shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day…wear spectator pumps instead

    38. Keep your home clean and uncluttered

    39. When guests stay over, put a small pitcher and glass for water on their nightstand, along with a book they might enjoy

    40. Learn how to host a small dinner party

    41. Have one subdued solid colour scheme throughout your home, use accessories to add colour

    42. Learn how to make the perfect martini

    43. Learn how to tie both a regular tie and a bow tie (whether you’re a man or a woman)

    44. Be a lady or a gentleman at work, especially when delivering a difficult message or when tempers flare

    45. Wear lovely/handsome hats

    46. Don’t point out the mistakes of others

    47. Wait your turn patiently

    48. Don’t curse

    49. Chew each bite 20 times

    50. Sip your drink

    51. Learn proper etiquette for all situations

    52. Accept compliments graciously

    53. Be quietly self confident

    54. Don’t boast

    55. Be respectful of others

    56. Have fresh flowers in your home

    57. Write a letter rather than send an email to those you love

    58. Keep your nails well manicured

    59. Maintain your shoes and clothing

    60. Don’t ever lose your joie de vivre

    61. Be well groomed

    62. Remember that money does not equal elegance, nor is it necessary to be elegant

    63. Wear less make-up

    64. Wear well-fitting clothes

    65. Spray lavender on your sheets

    66. Be positive

    67. Learn to politely say no

    68. Be concerned with making others feel comfortable

    69. Maintain good health

    70. Don’t overindulge

    71. Hold yourself to high standards

    72. Turn your mobile off at dinner

    73. Wear simple, classic hairstyles

    74. Think before you speak or act. Ask yourself, can anything good come from this?

    75. Apoligize sincerely

    76. Have integrity

    77. Don’t speak ill of others, or gossip

    78. Always take a gift to your host or hostess

    79. Tie a scarf on your handbag

    80. Take a clutch in the evening

    81. Wear well fitting jeans with either a long sleeve white shirt or solid sweater for more casual events

    82. Only wear sneakers for exercise

    83. Use white sheets, white towels, white dishes

    84. Be sure your clothes are pressed

    85. Your car’s horn should say “pardon me, but do you see me?”, rather than “get out of my way!”

    86. Overdo empathy

    87. Light candles in your home

    88. Go for walks in the park on Sunday

    89. Give others sincere compliments

    90. Understand your own worth

    91. Learn how to open a bottle of champagne

    92. Dress appropriately for the occasion

    93. Do small favours for others, without expecting anything in return

    94. Say please and thank you

    95. Take the time to stop and listen to others, especially children

    96. Take responsibility for yourself and your own happiness

    97. Keep a journal

    98. Give thoughtful gifts, rather than expensive ones

    99. Less is more

    100. Savour the moment

    — 100 Ways to Be Elegant (via pearlsandcurlsandpreppygirls)

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